Moving Boxes at Work

Work Injury Treatment

Today more than ever, more and more people are getting hurt on the job. The causes of work injuries depend a lot on the nature of your work your. Our chiropractor and Medical Doctors know there are many factors that contribute to job related injuries, including repetitive prolonged use of hands, prolonged periods of standing, frequent or heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying of heavy objects, prolonged awkward postures, and vibration. These conditions all relate to the musculoskeletal system and are the most common cause of chronic disability, with more than 50% being accounted for by low back pain.

There are many ways to suffer injury on the job and one of the most common of these is low back injuries. In fact 65% of all low back disorders are work related. In the United States, back injuries account for more than 33% of all health care and indemnity costs under worker’s compensation.

Low back injuries can result from muscle strain, joint injury or sprain, bulging discs, herniated discs, and sciatic nerve pain. Anyone of these health issues, without chiropractic and medical treatment, can be debilitating and cost you lost wages, medical bills, and possible job loss.

Another common injury patients seek a chiropractor for is trauma to the neck. Neck injuries can happen for a lot of reasons, improper posture, sudden jerking of the head, strain on the neck muscles by improper lifting. As with back pain, neck pain is easily treated with chiropractic therapy including manipulation, mobilization, physical therapy (physiotherapy), electric muscle stimulation, and spinal decompression.

On-the-job injuries can also involve shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet as well as any of the muscles of the upper and lower extremities. These can include rotator cuff tears, torn knee meniscus, ligament sprains and muscle strains.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Recent studies have now confirmed that chiropractic treatment has a greater effectiveness in getting workers back on their feet more quickly and is less expensive than traditional medical care. Spinal adjustments, physical therapy, electric stimulus therapy along with home exercise program and good body mechanics result in quicker more successful recovery.

Many work related accidents can lead to injuries that cause long term pain and damage. If you get hurt, and can’t work, there is stress from worrying when and if you will be able to go back to work. Sometimes the minor injuries aren’t so minor and can lead to partial or permanent disability if not treated.

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