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What to do after an Auto Accident?

At Beach Pain Center, the chiropractic and medical doctors in our Fort Worth office understand the difficulties that can arise after a car accident.

We have witnessed the auto injuries and damage that can result from a auto accident, and understand the struggle some patients may face in trying to get proper medical and chiropractic treatment.

If you were recently injured in an auto accident, then your first call should be to the best personal injury chiropractor in Fort Worth, TX. Even if you received treatment at the ER, you may still be in danger of suffering long-term damage. Often, accident victims quickly rush past treatment to call a lawyer, but there is no amount of money worth lifelong pain. We take a complete approach to severe auto accident injury. Our Chiropractic and Medical Clinic offers multidisciplinary approach to treat your pain and provide you with the exact treatment that your individual injuries need. Including broken or fractured bones, spinal damage, whiplash, deep muscle & ligament tears, severe headaches, and everything in between. And because we always bill the at-fault party’s insurance company, care may cost you absolutely nothing!

Everything you need in one convenient location:

Why come to Beach Pain Center?

A legal case involving injuries is based upon the proper determination of those injuries and that is based mostly on medical evidence proving those injuries and the severity of any long term problems associated with those injuries and what caused them. Only a licensed doctor can make those determinations.

  • Why trust your first call to attorney?
  • Why trust your attorney or a referral service to provide you with a doctor?
  • Will that doctor testify in court?
  • Does that doctor have experience in impairment ratings?
  • Is the clinic clean and accommodating to the patients?

We excel in all of the above and beyond. We are local. Our staff lives and comes from the same neighborhoods that you do. You will be treated as family and by one of your own. Don’t let someone else decide where your health care will be given. You decide and come to us.

Do you know what an impairment rating is?

Our doctors do!!… and take classes to keep updated on the latest changes. Proper medical documentation of your injuries and the effect they will have long term on your body make a huge difference in determining the outcome of any potential lawsuit you might be involved in.

Would you trust this to be determined by someone inexperienced in treating personal injury victims?

The accurate reflection of your impairment is of utmost importance to determine the outcome to a personal injury case. Dr. Noorani, Chiropractor in Fort Worth, will also testify in court if called upon by any party involved whether it is the insurance company or your lawyer.

We are caring and experienced professionals. Call us today!

If you or someone you know has sustained Auto Accident Injury, there is no reason to suffer. The combined approach of chiropractic treatment, medical care, interventional pain management and rehabilitation can provide surprisingly quick relief. Remember, most of the time treatment for auto accident injury care is covered at 100% and no out of pocket cost. Don’t delay! The quicker you start your chiropractic treatment, the sooner you will be feeling well again.

Our billing office is happy to assist you with any necessary paperwork requested by your insurance company or attorney. Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Assignment of benefits from your insurance company and Letters of Protection (LOP) are gladly accepted. Contact Beach Pain Center, Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Medical Clinic Fort Worth, today at 817-831-3388 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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