Reviews by patients about Beach Pain Center!

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My son and I were in an auto accident on Christmas Eve morning. I was very impressed with the way they handled my son who is autistic and how patient they were with him. They were very professional and we received excellent treatment. I would and will recommend them to all. They worked with us when we had to rescheduled at the last minute (which was quite often ).

Christina Smith

My experience is great. I have no complaints. The Doctors here are amazing. Especially there support staff, they have gone out of there way to help us get better. In simple words, they have become a family to my wife and I. Definitely recommend this place!

Jonathan Reyes

Dr. Ali (the new chiropractor) is amazing, so is Laura and Maribel! The atmosphere is so nice and friendly, service is awesome and the therapy has been so great, I’d recommended it to anyone. Even children are welcome, and they’re so good with them!

Ashley Snyder

hi my name is david moore and im a patient here at beach pain center and im so grateful for all they have done for me, this is my second time here the first time i was in a car wreck and my hip was displaced and about 2 inches out of whack and the staff here fixed me as good as new, so when i needed help again i didnt hesitate i went strait to beach pain center where i knew i would be in good hands and again im so grateful for all they have done for me im almost done with my treatment now and im so glad i came back thank you all at beach pain if i need help again i will be back and i want to wish you all a merry christmas thank you so much.

David Moore

Dr Ali and his staff are amazing and a huge thanks to Dr Ali when I went to see them I could hardly go down on my right knee and my shoulder from where the seatbelt had tightened and a few other small issues from the accident where I had been rear ended I am able to go down on my right knee with no pain when trying to do so and my shoulder is much better as well. The treatments with therapy and conditioning may take a while to do but in the end it's well worth it I'd recommend them to anyone that has been in an accident.

Jason Steward

Hi I'm Jamaal and I wanted to share my great experience going to Beach pain center. I was in a accident on October 9 2017 and was scared to go to the hospital so I walked in and the professional ladies took care of everything to get me started to getting back to my normal self from paperwork to treatment after being here for about two weeks I was involved in another accident and I informed them and they took really good care of me now it's February of 2018 and my neck and back feels better than before I was in any accident Thanks to Dr Nooriani and his professional staff at Beach pain center

Jamaal Wiggins

Dr.s Noorani and Patel, introduced me to the power of knowledge. While working for them, They allowed me to reach my potential in understanding the human body, never once was something out of my educational reach. The experience I gained has given me the ability to become a professional and proficient Licensed Massage Therapist. Thank you Dr. Noorani and Dr. Patel for always sharing your knowledge with me.

Laura Gonzalez

First I would like to personally thank the entire staff at Beach Pain Center. The doctors were very attentive to my pain complaints. The staff in the therapy Department lead me to a fast and thorough recovery from my car accident. If you're trying to recover from any type of pain I recommend Beach pain Center

Rudolph Cortez III

First off all praise to the Holy One. God Almighty. To the staff of Beach Pain Center awesome job with the professional care and courtesy you shared. I didn't know what to expect from my first bodily injury,however, left with high expectations to get my body back. I learned about my body and kept a positive mindset.

Joe Garza

The facility was very professional and the staff was able to walk me through the whole process. They even went out of there way to remind me at times. The doctors and lawyers gave me full attention and very responsive to every concern that I had. I thank the whole beach pain center crew for guiding me through the whole process while also taking great care of me after my accident.

Victoria Victoria

I have been seeing Dr noorani for 1 month now and 3 times a week.he has been a tremendous help to me and very professional and very easy to talk to and listen to my concerns.he and his staff are very comfortable and easy to talk joke with sometimes would easily and highly recommend him and his clinic to my family and friends and anyone who needs medical treatment or just an adjustment..gonna miss them.

Lynda Adair

Dr. Noorani, his staff, and more recently Dr. Ali have been fantastic in adjusting and strengthening my back/neck and it feels better than it did prior to my accident in October 2017. Highly recommend coming here to get better. I am very satisfied with what they have done for me and look to go back for maintenance visits in the future.

Peter Chou