Girl in pain from Headache

Headache Treatments

One of the most commonly treated complaints Fort Worth Chiropractor Dr. Noorani deals with are patients with chronic headaches. People are often surprised to learn that chiropractic therapy can relieve the pain from headaches. While there are many types of headaches with varying causes, the most common type is the “Muscular Tension Headache.”

Tension headaches generally result from prolonged contraction of the suboccipital muscles. These muscles bridge the junction between the back of the skull and the vertebrae (bones) of the cervical spine (neck). Several mechanisms seem to trigger and cause the common headache:

  • Joint irritation and nerve compression
  • Dural traction on the spinal cord and brainstem
  • Muscle inflammation and trigger points

Today more and more people sit for hours at their jobs with contracted postural muscles having no outlet for physical activity. When we sit or stand we are using the many back and neck muscles required to support our body. When these muscles are held contracted for prolonged periods of time, they produce wastes, that if not properly drained from the body, can cause your muscles to lose their natural flexibility and when resting become stiff. These stiffened and shortened muscles, often accompanied by trigger points can cause reflex pain in the joints to the neck and head.

Joint Irritation and Nerve Compression

The affected joints of the spine often become subluxated (misaligned). This causes strain and injury to the joints and supporting ligament tissue. The result of the combined subluxation, compression of nerves, ligament strain and joint injury create neck pain with associated headache.

Chiropractic Treatments for Headaches

Chiropractic adjustments, combined with other therapies such as trigger point massage, and spinal alignments, can release muscular tension and realignment of the spine can break the cycle of pain. Often patients with chronic headaches will find relief through chiropractic in just a few treatments, as muscles relax and nerve irritation is reduced.

If you’re experiencing tension headaches, cluster headaches, or migraine headaches, you need to get help as soon as possible. Contact us immediately. Ask for the experienced Fort Worth Chiropractic office Beach Pain Center today at 817-831-3388.