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Chiropractor for Sport Injuries

More and more athletes are turning to chiropractic therapy for sports injuries including joint sprains, fractures, and spinal disk injuries. Beach Pain Center provides the popular alternative to over-the-counter medication and prescribed drugs for athletes. Many want to avoid the possible damage medication can do from extended use, and proper care is paramount.

Chiropractor Fort Worth, Dr. Noorani uses pain-free gentle adjustments of the spine and other joints to maintain a full range of motion. Adjustments are many one of many treatments to help restore the natural balance that was present before the injury.

Although they are called sports injuries, it does not always require a strenuous game of touch football to cause one. Simply twisting wrong while picking up clothes off the floor, or stretching up to get a book off the top shelf, can cause an injury similar to swinging a golf club or serving a tennis ball. The difference is that most people when working around the home don’t think about stretching or warming up prior to doing household chores. Even the weekend warriors who go out to get recreation sometimes forget to warm up properly.

Chiropractic treatment successfully treats a lot of sports injury(s) and the following is a brief list of injuries we have great success with.

These injuries often recur when not treated properly and can possibly shorten future careers in sports and even turn enthusiastic amateurs into home bodies. The good news is that there are solutions.

The combination of physiotherapy for soft tissue injuries, chiropractic adjustments realigning the spine, and spinal decompression, can help return the vertebrae to their normal range of motion. Massage is also an integral part of the treatment protocol, providing a reduction in stress and pain relief. Chiropractic treatment also helps avoid possible complications brought about by extensive use of pain killers, affecting the liver and kidneys.

Additionally when you are treated at Beach Pain Center, Chiropractic and Medical Clinic, you will be taught techniques, stretches, and targeted exercises, to prevent recurring injuries from happening. Chiropractic care focuses on ensuring the spine is healthy, and a healthy spine allows the body to perform at its highest level. Once you’ve had treatment at Beach Pain Center, it leaves no doubt why athletes turn to chiropractic care for injuries and maintaining optimal health.

So if your livelihood is in sports or if you’re the recreational sports enthusiast, don’t wait until minor injuries force you to deal with a much bigger problem. Contact Us at Beach Pain Center to meet with, Dr. Noorani, the top-rated Sports Chiropractor in Fort Worth for an immediate appointment or complimentary consultation to discuss health issues or get answers to your questions.

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