Shoulder Pain Chiropractor

Pain Relieving Treatments for Arm & Shoulder Conditions

If you are suffering needlessly from shoulder and arm symptoms, you need help. Shoulder and arm symptoms can have a number of contributing causes, but the highest percentage of cases are caused by misalignment of one or more spinal segments (vertebrae and the discs between them) due to injury to the spine, curvatures, occupational stresses, or even improper posture. All can result in a pinched nerve, which causes radiating symptoms to the shoulder and arm.

The shoulders and arms are usually involved in even the most routine movements. In fact, the movement of the shoulders is as ceaseless as breathing, which requires a continuous slight motion in the shoulder socket joint where it meets the upper arm.

The versatility of your upper limbs is due to a series of splendid joints – shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers – which allow twists, turns, and bends from the shoulders to the fingertips. The elbow is a smoothly-functioning hinge between bone endings of the upper and lower arm. The complex known as the shoulder girdle has the greatest range of mobility of all joints with the exception of the hands. If your shoulder joint is normal, you can make a complete circle at the shoulder with your arm, as well as an infinite variety of other complex manipulations. This freedom of movement is a major difference between the actions of man and four-legged animals. It has given man the ability to reach out and grasp whatever he needs.

Common Ailments Causing Shoulder and Arm Symptoms

Among the most common conditions involved in shoulder and arm symptoms are neuritis, bursitis, neuralgia, arthritis, radiculitis, circulatory changes, muscular weakness, paralysis (partial or complete), incoordination, and tremors. Even ailments in other parts of the body such as peritonitis (inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity), gall bladder trouble, or even a heart condition, may refer symptoms to shoulders and arms. Your Fort Worth TX doctor of chiropractic is well aware of these and other related possibilities, and will look for the underlying causes.

Many complaining of shoulder and arm symptoms have a condition called bursitis, arising from the bursa – another name for the synovial pouch that lubricates and protects the shoulder joint. Often, the first evidence of pending shoulder and arm problems is the presence of symptoms in the neck region, followed by the first onset of symptoms in the shoulder and arm during some simple activity, such as putting on a coat or combing your hair.


Whether your shoulder and arm symptoms are caused by misalignment due to injury, curvatures, occupational stresses, or improper posture, any of these problems could cause impingement and irritation of the nerves supplying the shoulder, arm, and hand. Pressure and irritation caused by misalignments, or faculty discs, result in inflammation of the nerve root and can cause symptoms which vary from a deep, aching pain to a sharp, stabbing pain felt in the shoulder/arm complex. Any sudden appearance of these types of symptoms indicates the need for a spine and nerve specialist at once. Thousands who, unfortunately, at first overlooked chiropractic methods, have finally found relief from a doctor of chiropractic.


The degree of symptoms may vary from slight and intermittent to excruciating. But don’t be fooled by the degree of the symptoms; sometimes a slight symptom goes along with a serious condition, while intense symptoms may be nothing more than a temporary muscle spasm caused by a weekend of usual activity.


The basic elements of the shoulder and arm – bone, muscle, and connective tissue – act in perfect rhythm, provided there is a normal supply of vital nerves. When the nerve supply is interfered with, either in the spinal column or in the shoulder or arm itself, symptoms and limitation of motion nearly always occur. Sometimes (rarely) the condition corrects itself. More often, however, it gets worse. Contact Beach Pain Center for a free initial consultation appointment today, if you have any lasting symptoms in or around your shoulders.

Your examination will probably include an X-ray study, as well as necessary nerve and orthopedic tests. If any nerves coming from your spinal cord (through vertebral openings) have been damaged, the skill and experience of our doctors should be utilized for the correction of the underlying cause.

It should be quite apparent that shoulder and arm symptoms may indicate a more serious condition. But whether the problem is related to other parts of the body or not, the symptoms can become very debilitating. Our doctors understand the problems involved in a symptomatic shoulder or arm condition, and are eminently better qualified to correct these types of conditions. If nerve interference is the basic or contributing cause of your problem, necessary measures will be instituted to help nature correct and heal the condition. We will first seek to give you immediate relief from symptoms, but we will need to search out the source of your problem and correct it. This alleviates the need to take pills for relief, month in and month out.

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