Personal Injury Claim Cover Chiropractor Care

Will Your Personal Injury Claim Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you shouldn’t be surprised if your doctor sends you to a chiropractor for treatment. Chiropractors treat a variety of wounds, including soft tissue injuries like whiplash and muscle strains.

While these might seem minor in comparison to what could’ve happened, a soft-tissue injury can still take weeks of recovery—which means weeks of medical bills.

After a traumatic accident, the last thing you should be worried about is money—and that includes the cost of your chiropractic care.

If you’re thinking about or are in the process of filing a personal injury claim, you might have questions about whether or not your settlement will cover the cost of your chiropractic treatment.

Here’s everything you should know about personal injury claims and your chiropractic care:

What are the Chiropractor Costs Without Insurance?

Most injuries that you visit a chiropractor for will not be resolved in the span of one or two appointments. Although any chiropractic clinic will do their best to heal you quickly and safely, some injuries could take weeks or even months of recovery before the issue can be resolved.

Without insurance, you could be facing a large number of chiropractic bills equaling hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Most of the time, you really don’t want to pay the chiropractor cost out of pocket—and it’s never a good idea to “tough it out”.

While some injuries might seem minor enough for you to recover from on their own, many chiropractors can attest to the damaging, long-term effects of ignoring your symptoms.

For example, whiplash, which is one of the most common injuries you can obtain from a car crash, will usually resolve after a few weeks of chiropractic care.

However, in some severe cases where you don’t seek medical treatment, whiplash could result in chronic neck pain and stiffness.

If you have whiplash, a chiropractor will develop a treatment plan to help you heal. While it might be initially costly for you or your insurance company to see a chiropractor for extended periods of time, this treatment is often a lot cheaper and less invasive than expensive surgeries.

The mistake that many people make after a collision is thinking they’re absolutely fine. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, you might think you’ve escaped without injury, only to be surprised days later when you start developing symptoms.

The longer you wait to report the accident and the injuries that resulted from it, the more difficult it may be to get a settlement from the insurance company.

Even worse, the symptoms and injuries you ignored may become a much larger issue that could last years, and require invasive medical care down the road.

While it’s impossible to estimate the cost of your chiropractic treatment, you should always assume that, without insurance, it won’t be cheap. In many cases, medical bills can include the costs of an ER visit or tests to figure out the issue.

Keep in mind that, if you do begin experiencing symptoms of an injury after an auto accident, you should always visit a doctor and schedule a free consultation with us at Beach Pain Center.

Who Pays for Chiropractor Care After An Accident?

After an accident, there are two possible people responsible for your medical treatment: you or the insurance company. If for some reason, you got into a car crash but didn’t notify your insurance company or the police afterward, you’d have to pay all of your medical expenses—including chiropractic bills.

However, if you end up filing a personal injury suit, you and your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company. If you can prove that your visits to a chiropractor were necessary to your recovery, you’ll get a settlement.

Read our recent post on why a car accident lawyer might even recommend a chiropractor after your accident.

One of the benefits of visiting us at Beach Pain Center is, beyond our excellent care, we always bill the liable party’s insurance company—so your visits might end up costing you absolutely nothing in the long run.

Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Treatment?

A common question we hear from clients all the time is: “Does insurance cover chiropractic care?”

Most of the time, yes.

In personal injury cases, most claims will settle before going to trial. With many cases that involve chiropractic care, the liable party’s insurance company will want to negotiate and pay the settlement award, if there is any.

If you can prove that your medical expenses were necessary to your recovery, then the insurance company will be responsible for covering your medical expenses—including any chiropractic bills.

Proving that your medical expenses, including the care you received from a chiropractor, were crucial to your recovery can be a difficult process. Although you are allowed to bring in an expert witness, the defendant may also bring in their own witness to discredit your claim.

Typically, the higher the chiropractic bills are, the more challenging it can be to get a settlement. Juries may sometimes argue over the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment, but don’t forget that chiropractic care after a car accident is a form of therapy and therefore, an acceptable medical expense.

However, accepting a settlement award if you haven’t made a full recovery yet can be tricky. Since it can be more difficult for you to get a full settlement during a trial, a defendant’s insurance company might offer a smaller sum during the pre-trial.

If you haven’t completely recovered from your injuries, accepting a smaller sum at pre-trial may mean having to deal with mounting chiropractic bills later on. For this reason, your case might not be ready for trial until your chiropractor has determined that you’ve reached maximum potential recovery.

When you’re injured, you shouldn’t be worried about racking up debt or paying off medical bills.

At Beach Pain Center, we’re focused on healing you quickly and safely—and we firmly believe you should stay focused on your own recovery too.

When you schedule a free consultation, you’ll learn how we can specifically help you heal from your injuries.

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