Knee Pain

Knee pain is among the most painful issues that people struggle with daily. This pain can range from regular ‘wear and tear’ to osteoarthritis. No matter what the cause of your knee pain is, we can help through chiropractic care.

Knee pain will often continue to progress without intervention. Chiropractic treatment can help reduce your daily pain and help you get back to an active lifestyle.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Knee Pain?

There are a few ways that chiropractic treatment can help with knee pain. First and foremost, chiropractic care focuses on reducing inflammation. We use Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS to help bring down swellings.

These techniques will help start the healing process, and it targets the affected area. The use of electrical currents in chiropractic care has shown significant results. The reduction of swelling begins with identifying why the joint or muscle swelled.

After the inflammation comes down, we will focus on restoring the functionality of your knee joint. Much of our work relies on chiropractic manipulation to reinforce or recover mobilization. If you’re not struggling with a lack of mobility, you may need deep tissue treatment or trigger-point therapy.

It is likely that a chiropractor can help with your knee pain. You can contact our offices today for information on which solutions might work best for your situation.

Proper Knee Adjustment

Knee pain may lead one of our chiropractors to assess the chiropractic chain. Usually one of our doctors will evaluate not only your knee but your feet, hips, pelvis, and spine as well. These systems all work interdependently.

Stay away from the videos on self-adjustments for knee pain online as these can lead to further muscle damage. A chiropractor will evaluate why you’re in pain and, if necessary, perform a proper knee adjustment.

A knee adjustment or knee manipulation may affect your overall posture and help reduce joint restrictions. Knee adjustments are the likely solution to knee pain associated with mobility issues.

Anyone Can Experience Knee Pain

It doesn’t matter if you are regularly very active or stuck behind a desk, your knees take daily abuse. Regular activities like climbing in and out of a car, walking upstairs, or kneeling to grab something off the floor all affect your knees.

Knee pain can immediately cause your quality of life to lessen. You need medical care but treating knee pain doesn’t have to mean surgery. Instead, you can work with one of our chiropractors to treat knee pain and get help for bad knees.

We work with a variety of methods that work to reduce the pain and swelling. Our methods focus on long-term pain management and treatment. That way you’re not stuck living with prolonged, unnecessary, pain.

Get the Help for Bad Knees That You Need

There are a few signs that you need treatment for your knee pain. If you’re not sure if you need help for bad knees, ask yourself if your knee pain affects your daily life.

A lot of people brush off the extent of pain they are in and blame it on age. But age is not usually the issue. Chiropractic treatment for knee pain can start with simple swelling reduction but also reduce the amount of strain the muscle experiences daily.

Treating Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain

When treating knee pain, a chiropractor will consider that the knee isn’t the only problem. Chiropractors often see patients come in with complaints that are symptoms of a more significant issue.

Hip, knee and ankle pain are all connected because of how the body relies on these systems to ensure your mobility. If you have knee pain, you may also have restricted mobility in your hips or ankles.

Many people don’t notice how their body has accommodated knee pain. You might not have realized how bad the limp has progressed, or that your ankle will often turn to take the weight off your knee.

Issues with hip, knee and ankle pain are treatable. A chiropractor can carefully analyze your chiropractic chain to find the source of your pain. Chiropractic solutions are often the first choice to resolve muscle and alignment issues because of their non-invasive nature.

Consult with a chiropractor at the Beach Pain Center to find out what treatment options are available to you.

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