Pain Relief with Steroid Injections

Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are a regular modality employed by pain management doctors at Beach Pain Center in Fort Worth, TX. ESIs are very effective at managing pain in your lower back and legs. In general use since 1952, this type of treatment remains an integral part of treating sciatica and low back pain. The main goal of using the injection is for quick pain relief; occasionally the injection alone is sufficient. More often than not, an epidural steroid injection will be used in conjunction with a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Most medical practitioners agree that the overall effects of the injection will be temporary, providing relief for one week up to one year. But we also understand that an epidural can be very beneficial for a patient during an acute episode of back or leg pain. An injection helps patients progress with rehabilitative stretching and exercise. If the initial injection is effective, a patient may receive up to three injections every 12 months. In addition to the low back (the lumbar region), epidural steroid injections are used to ease pain in the neck (cervical) and in the mid spine (thoracic) region.

Benefits of Epidural Steroid Injections

A properly placed epidural steroid injection delivers medication directly (or very near) the source of pain. In contrast, oral steroids and pain medications have a less-focused impact and may have unacceptable side effects. Additionally, since most pain stems from chemical inflammation, an epidural steroid injection can help control local inflammation while also “flushing out” inflammatory proteins and chemicals that may contribute to and aggravate pain.

Inflammation & Epidural Steroid Injections

Epidural injections are often used to give relief from sciatica, which is pain that radiates from the site of a pinched nerve in the low back. Inflammatory chemicals can generate pain associated with common back problems such as lumbar disc herniation or facet joint arthritis. These conditions, as well as many others, provoke inflammation that, in turn, cause significant nerve irritation and swelling.

Steroids inhibit the inflammatory response caused by chemical and mechanical sources of pain. Steroids reduce the activity of the immune system in reacting to inflammation of the nerve or tissue damage. Inhibiting the immune response with an epidural steroid injection can reduce the pain associated with inflammation.

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