Chronic Neck Pain

The cervical spine includes the first seven vertebrae in the neck, running from the base of the brain to just past the shoulder blades. Problems in this area often lead patients to seek chiropractic care. For example, trouble looking over your shoulder when driving or noticing a “grinding” sound when you turn your head from side to side. If you’ve ever had nagging neck pain that won’t seem to go away, it’s time to call Fort Worth chiropractor Dr. Noorani.

Beach Pain Center has the proper tools and treatments to rid you of chronic pain, release tension, increase range of motion, and provide much-needed pain relief.

A normal response to neck pain is taking drugs to cover up the problem (ibuprofen, prescription medications, pain pills) or treating the symptoms with (muscle relaxers, self massage, hot packs). The chiropractic approach to neck pain is to locate its underlying cause. This begins with a complete medical review, thorough examination, and possibly X-rays. We focus attention to the structure and functionality of the spine and its overall affect on the nervous system.

Neck Adjustments Improve Range of Motion

There are many considerations we take into account when creating a plan of specific chiropractic adjustments and treatment to help improve range of motion and position of spinal vertebrae. Similar to your family doctor, chiropractors use diagnostic testing to differentiate types of neck problems you may experience. What these tests indicate, and what occurs during a cervical adjustment, helps increase awareness of the indications and limitations of chiropractic care for neck conditions.

Chiropractic offers a unique and valuable mechanical approach to a wide range of cervical problems. Chiropractors do not “twist” the neck or perform painful maneuvers. Manipulation and massage performed by Beach Pain Center is a precise and gentle pain-free therapy with the main goal of returning motion to restricted spinal joints and to improve the overall mechanics of the neck and spine.

If you have neck pain or any back pain that won’t go away, contact us immediately. Call the leading Fort Worth chiropractic clinic, Beach Pain Center, today and invest an hour of your life to learn how we can help you get pain relief. The initial appointment is no charge, so call 817-831-3388 and become pain free today.