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Our focus is helping patients return to good health.

Beach Pain Center has a team dedicated to alleviating and treating your pain. If you have been in an accident or experience pain throughout your daily routine, we are here to help.



Overcome persistent pain with treatment.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression

A non-invasive, non-surgical solution.

Accident Injuries

Accident Injuries

Relief following car accidents and other injuries.

Physcial Therapy

Physical Therapy

Professionally guided and supervised recovery.

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  • Quality Care by Licensed Professionals
  • No Appointments – Walk-Ins Welcome
  • No Insurance Hassles
  • Professionally Guided and Supervised Recovery
Beach Pain Center

Accident & Injury Clinic

The Beach Pain Center primary office is conveniently located in Fort Worth just east of downtown and serves the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

Our staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to chiropractic treatment and pain management which allows us to achieve the best possible out comes for our patients.

If you are in pain, contact our office to learn how or multidisciplinary treatments can help you. We offer free consultations and accept most insurances to make sure you get the proper treatment as fast as possible.

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Chiropractic Treatments & Pain Management

The experienced doctors at Beach Pain Center treat and provide comprehensive care for a variety of health problems and injuries. Find your condition below to learn more about how Beach Pain Center can help you today.

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Signs & Symptoms of a Misaligned Spine

The spine is our body’s central support structure. Without it, we would not be able to stand, twist, bend, or move in any of the myriad ways that we do every day.

It’s no wonder, then, why the spine is considered the most critical piece of our bodies’ nervous systems.

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Can Chiropractors Treat A Herniated Disc?

If you think that you’ve herniated your lumbar spinal discs, you’ll need to find yourself a herniated disc chiropractor who is capable of providing your body with the healing it needs to make you comfortable again.

In this article, we’ll explain what it means to have a herniated disc, how your body can heal from a herniated disc, which medical professionals to seek for help with spinal issues, and answer a few frequently asked questions about spinal disc injuries.

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Pinched Nerve in Shoulder: Symptoms and Treatment

A pinched nerve in the shoulder happens when a body part or surrounding bone interferes or pressures a nerve coming from the neck.

This issue can result in severe shoulder pain and numbness of the hand or arm. It is a unique injury in that it either goes away on its own or can become more painful through aggravated misuse of the body part.

In this article, we examine what causes a pinched nerve, the warning signs to look out for, how to get it treated, and the various strategies you can implement to get your shoulder back to 100%.

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